TPE Multicore Cable UL21002

TPE Multicore Cable UL21002

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TPE Multicore Cable UL21002

General info.:

Style number: UL21002

Cable type: TPE Cable

Rated temperature: 105°C.

Rated voltage: 300-600V.

Flammablity grade: VW-1, FT1, FT2.

Structure & material:

Conductor material: Annealed copper wire strands.

Insulation material: Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE.

Jacket material: Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE.

Screen shield type: Foil or mylar, braiding, optional.

Uniform insulation thickness for easy stripping operation.

Good reliability:

Excellent resistance to extremely cold use condition, up to -40°C.

Ultra flexibility, good for applications that require tight turns under limit space.

Dielectric voltage: 2000V AC.

Applied standard: UL, AWM, CSA, ROHS, Reach

Recommended application:

Internal wiring or external interconnection of electric device and industry equipment.

Style No. Product Feature Work Voltage Shield Material Jacket Material
UL21002 LSZH compliant 300-600V Braiding, optional TPE material